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Why Use Ticket Tribe?

Within minutes, you can be selling tickets with a professional look and feel. Simply fill in the details of your event, upload an image, create your tickets, and then publish it. You can also publish free events, and we can even create coupons to help you drive your sales.

We pay faster than other ticketing agencies, and there are no hidden costs or fees for Event Organisers. Our transaction fees are kept to a minimum to ensure your event is a success. Ticket Tribe voluntarily subscribes to the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman that will resolve any potential financial disputes you may have with us.

Our tickets have QR codes for fast and efficient attendee check-ins. Download the free app for iOS and Android devices. Checking in attendees is not limited to the app either. Manually check in attendees using computers or go old school by using printed attendee registers.

Contact Us

For any ticketing issues or enquiries, please use the contact form below.